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Top 10 Products: Q1 2015
Company Name Product Name Product Type
Allianz Allianz 222 Indexed
New York Life New York Life Secure Term MVA Fixed Annuity Fixed (MVA)
American Equity Bonus Gold Indexed
Security Benefit Secure Income Annuity Indexed
Allianz Core Income 7 Indexed
Allianz Allianz 360 Indexed
Forethought Life SecureFore 5 Fixed (Non-MVA)
Security Benefit Total Value Annuity Indexed
New York Life New York Life Lifetime Income Annuity Fixed Income (SPIA)
Forethought Life SecureFore 3 Fixed (Non-MVA)
Top 10 Companies: Q1 2015
Company Name
New York Life
American Equity
Forethought Life
Security Benefit
Great American
Symetra Financial
Athene USA
Western National
Midland National
Top Company by Distribution Channel: Q1 2015
Distribution Channel Company Name
Captive Agent New York Life
Independent Producer Allianz
Wirehouse Nationwide
Large/Regional BDs New York Life
Independent BDs Allianz
Banks & SLs Forethought Life
Direct/Third Party Lincoln National

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